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D-Day haunts poor WW2 veteran. Another great book by a great author A great author putting another great book together and I will read the rest of her books she has out there for she's that great of an author putting great books together.

Behind Dark Doors (one): Six Suspenseful Short Stories by Susan May

View all 9 comments. This is a collection of 6 short stories. When you've been married forever to the same person, the news media always wants to know your secret. This is what happens when the TV lights are gone. This one was really intriguing. A protective mom might go a little overboard when her son is physically hurt while being bullied. What happens when the one who bullies is bullied in return?

When a fishing hobby becomes something Thank you very much Susan May for giving me this book. This is a very interesting collection of short stories. They were very different from what i imagined them to be, judging from the title i mean. I enjoyed each of the 6 stories, but the one i really liked is "The war Veteran", a very touching story. I also liked the fact that the author explained, after each story, how she got the idea to it. This was very interesting. Excellent collection - full of twists 'n' turns.

Very clever is the turth behind the tale at the end of each story, in which Susan tells us where, how, why the story came to be! The shortness of most stories makes reading on the go real easy. These short stories rock. I grew up on a diet of short stories. I fondly remember gobbling up every anthology I could get my hands on of H.

Lovecraft, Van Vogt, Poe, Bradbury etc. I loved horror, the supernatural and sci-fi - anything with an ending that would fire up your imagination or give you goosebumps.

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Behind Dark Doors brought all those guilty pleasures flooding Wow. Behind Dark Doors brought all those guilty pleasures flooding back. She can really write - and she has a wicked imagination. I especially loved that her macabre viewpoint came from the perspective of a woman and a mother, which gave some of these stories their own unique twist. Loved the dialogue - both external and internal. It does have novel potential. Some of these stories are quite brief but they still pack an impressive punch. The surprise ending though made the wait worthwhile.

The hair on my neck is still standing up. I understand from her website that she is currently working on a post- apocalyptic thriller. Excellent short stories and as a bonus the author discuses her inspiration for each one. I especially liked the first two, and War Veteran was almost a novella, worthy of a spot on the Twilight Zone. Short stories have never been my thing. When they're over, I want more! These were good stories, and, as expected, I wanted more. The best part about this was "from the imagination vault.

Behind Dark Doors (one): Six Suspenseful Short Stories

A couple of them were a bit disturbing, the last one made me cry. Very sobering.

I'm really loving this author! I think Susan May is a very skilled writer as she switched deftly between different subjects in this fascinating collection of short stories. It was insightful, sometimes disturbing —as befits the very nature of war- and always utterly gripping. Suspense with a twist at the end — what more could a person ask for?

Well this compilation of six short stories also provides the thought process behind the writing of the stories — an insight into the mind of the author. Be prepared for endings you might not expect should you decide to pick this little book up. Whilst it looks like it's taken me some time to read this book, i've been reading it as part of a read along with a new story every few weeks.

This is a great set of short stories. I find Susan is able to keep you guessing at what is going to happen throughout each story and I definitely think Mitigating Circumstances is my favourite in this collection. Aug 06, Tina Helzer rated it it was amazing. Another amazing read of Susan May's. I am really enjoying this new author that I have discovered. Her books are just amazing.

See a Problem?

I am really loving all of the books I have read and listened to so far. This is a great book with 6 stories that are all so different and yet so interesting all at the same time. Each story will draw you in and keep you guessing from start to finish. They all remind me of a Twilight Zone episode and I could just imagine watching them.

I would suggest to anyone that is a Ste Another amazing read of Susan May's. I would suggest to anyone that is a Stephen King lover to give Susan's books a try. I know you will love them. Full disclosure: I received a free electronic copy of this book for review through Library Thing's Member Giveaways program. Susan May's Behind Dark Doors is a collection of six short most of them very short! Hint: You don't want to know what's in the beef bourguignon. But the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. There's no shortage of gore picture oozing, puss-filled black sores and heads blown apart like rotting cantaloupes , but I found the promised twists, turns, and irony a little harder to come by.

With the exception of "The War Veteran," I could tell where the stories were going pretty early on - usually by the end of the intro. Each story is prefaced by an introduction and followed by a segment called "From the Imagination Vault," which offers a glimpse of the story behind the story. Plus the book itself begins with a brief, one-sentence summary of each piece. The introductory matter feels like overkill and often gives too much of the plot away. Otherwise, what do you have? Answer: misogyny for misogyny's sake. I mean, are we really to believe that the narrator continues living with two serial killers of women, provided they just knock it off already?

It feels much more developed and fleshed out than some of the shorter stories, and the extended flashback scenes offer some idea of what it must be like to live with PTSD. Of all the characters, I felt the most compassion and empathy for Baker. During the Christmas break I was reading a lot.

The Kindle kept recommending Deadly Messengers.

14 Books Like Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris

Then I searched new book clubs and sure enough one of them was getting to read that book in January. Looking through the posts, I saw Susan May, the author, write that she would offer the book for free to anyone who wrote for it. I did.

She sent that along with three anthologies of short stories. How kind! This is a collection of six short stories.

Behind Closed Doors

All but the last were very short as in just a few pag During the Christmas break I was reading a lot. All but the last were very short as in just a few pages. Overall, they were okay. That's some standard to live up to. My feelings about her and her works remain the same. I posted a similar review for that book as well. Mar 24, Ola Adamska rated it it was amazing Shelves: What was true here?

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