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Where Does Pressure Come From?

Professor Jones has long been known as one of 'The Grandfathers' of British Sports Psychology, having worked with many World-Class performers and helped to define the discipline of Performance Psychology. In the past 15 years he has used this expertise to the benefit of comercial companies both in the UK and the USA with some of the most important people in business. This text captures many of the common elements in achieving a successful life both in business and in general. It is informative, clear, well-written and user-friendly with many well chosen examples of good practice which will be an essential reference source to all readers.

Everyone has stresses and pressures in their lives, this text will help to identify, evaluate and use them to motivate and succceed in life rather than causing distress. I couldn't recommend it more highly. Graham Jones, whose own career includes success at the highest levels of athletic coaching, academia, and business, has been a sought after counselor by Olympic medalists, Ryder Cup champions, and Fortune CEOs. In this book, he shares practical techniques culled from a lifetime of learning about how the best of the best turn pressure to their advantage. A must-read for anyone who has to cope with pressure in their work and seeks ways to raise their game when it matters.

This book should be compulsory reading for all leaders. It offers great insights into how leaders should lead as well as a variety of tools and strategies to help them thrive under the inevitable pressure that is part of the job. It is a helpful guide for individuals to understanding the effects of pressure and provides guidance on ways to better deal with it. I recommend it highly. See all 11 reviews. Most recent customer reviews.

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How to support mental health at work

Would you like to report poor quality or formatting in this book? Click here Would you like to report this content as inappropriate? Click here Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? There's a problem loading this menu right now. For senior roles, employers need people who can look at the company or organisation, help define goals and objectives, then devise ways of achieving them. Employers need leaders who can evaluate how well the company or organisation is doing, and come up with ways in which things can be approved. To find out about the company, check relevant websites and publications.

Read about the names of key people and organisations. Try to gain a picture of the way this organisation sees its future, and demonstrate that you can be part of it.

Top 10 Soft Skills for 12222 in the Workplace

Talk about how you could replicate previous or related successes with your potential new employer. Begin by talking positively about the organisation, before moving into detail. Many employers value team players. Employers need people who make objective decisions based on data or educated hypotheses, as opposed to personal assumptions.

Council Post: Four Skills Tomorrow's Leaders Will Need To Thrive

In an interview, you need to show you earn the trust of your colleagues and are willing to place your trust in them. If you have a track record of taking responsibility, both when working individually or as part of a team, an. Employers like people who take responsibility because they typically possess a strong work ethic and strive for excellence. Use this insight to inform your example and talk specifically about the role you have played within a team and how your skill set helped achieve your team objective.

Think of a good example of working in a team, and talk about your experience of working in a team. You might be a natural leader, or someone who persuades others to work together. You might be an idea builder, a good organiser, or a safe pair of hands, someone who ensures projects are completed on time. Make it crystal clear what you contributed.

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Were you the ideas person, the co-ordinator, the project driver? Or perhaps you were the person who stopped the other members of the team strangling each other? When handling teamwork interview questions and examples, you also need to show that you can compromise and support group decisions. Teamworking is a highly regarded competency in a variety of work contexts, so you need to show that you are an active and cooperative team member.

Catch the wave: The 21st-century career

Tell a story that includes progress or improvement. Have you improved a process for a customer? Do you innovate to make things run smoother or have you made improvements to a system? These are all things that employers value in an employee, because changing and improving makes their organisation more effective and agile. People who create change constantly evolve their skill set to keep pace with development in their discipline or sector, such as learning a coding language or a new industry regulation. At senior levels, people who can foster a culture of innovation in the company are among the most sought after. To answer this, you need to show you are comfortable with implementing and responding to change in an organisation. Whitfield says the more you research the company, the more precise your answer for this competency will be. Discover the challenges facing the organisation. Work out what changes are likely to occur because of them. Then match your answer to similar challenges you have experienced and dealt with in the past.


Employers value people who can plan and organise their time and resources, and people who do jobs properly, effectively and to deadlines. If that sounds like you, then employers will want to hire you. Instead, talk about how you productively manage a full workload. It gives you a chance to re-emphasise your strengths. Throw in a bounce-back question if you feel comfortable, advises John Lees, author of Knockout Interview.

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  • For example you could ask: This is a great opportunity to make good job content sound great. Does pressure get to you, do you or thrive under it?

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    • Businesses want employees who maintain a high level of standard in their work while juggling multiple projects. Self-managers who manage their own time to meet goals are rare. As with all competencies, preparation is key to your success. Pick a scenario where you can outline the steps you take to prioritise workloads. My productivity increased significantly using this method. As a result, three quarters of the projects were delivered ahead of deadline, and the remainder were delivered on time. This kind of question is often directed at those returning to work after some time out of the market.

      Employers want to find employees who are thorough and accurate when dealing with a task. Employees who present accurate and consistent work are sought after.