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Think Dirty has this option Example: is the ingredient cancer-causing or just a skin irritant? I have to go to the full site to look at each ingredient in detail. Product information needs to be updated.

Many products are only listed for old formulas Nobody is using the old formulas! If you still have a bottle of cleanser or foundation from 5 years ago you need to toss it for reasons other than possible toxic ingredients This app is important and useful. It just needs to be updated and tweaked.

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Other than that- I find it difficult to understand a lot of the chemicals explanations. I use another app for my beauty supplies only because it is a little more understandable and they break down every ingredient your looking at. Requires iOS 8.

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Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Sep 24, Version 2. Information Seller Environmental Working Group. Size Category Shopping. Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Languages English. However, all is not lost if you think you have developed symptoms of photoaging.

Of course, the first step is a comprehensive self-examination to detect such signs. Then, consult a doctor, ideally a dermatologist, to ascertain if any of these are causes for concern. If you are light-skinned, have a history of sunburn, have relatives who suffer from melanoma another common type of skin cancer , then doctors advise regular self-examinations to detect skin abnormalities and annual medical examinations to determine if you are at risk of skin cancer. While skilled doctors will be appropriately thorough in their examinations, they also expect you to help by detailing your family history, your relevant medical history, and your observations from your own skin examination.

You can use this opportunity to consult with your doctor about concerns you might have about your lifestyle, sun exposure, skin abnormalities, etc. You could also discuss the frequency of skin self-examinations and the best way to conduct these. No question is ridiculous so you could even ascertain if you are using the right sunscreen or what to look for when buying UV-resistant sunglasses.

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If your doctor finds evidence of photoaging, he or she will recommend an appropriate course of treatment. Photoaging treatments are also anti-aging treatments, including those that we have all heard about at some time — botox and fillers.

something is only skin deep

Laser, chemical peels, and the administration of retinoids synthetic derivatives of Vitamin A are some other popular treatments prescribed for photoaging. In fact, recent studies have found that some treatments for photoaging, such as chemical peel, laser and retinoid, could prevent skin cancer as well. However, this is not true for all treatments. Botox, for instance, is merely a cosmetic treatment. Given the link between photoaging and cancer, it is important to take treatment advice seriously.

It is not graceful but foolish to dismiss the signs of photoaging as part of the natural process of growing old.

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