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Your Message. Architecture and design are two of the oldest professions in human civilisation. Thousands of years in progressing such fields have shown unbelievable results.

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Some of the possibilities that are realised today are incredible. Who even discovered it was possible to have opaque windows that return to transparency on an electric switch? This is part of ground-breaking technology being developed off the Australian Gold Coast that is proving the strength and abilities of glass today.

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Switchable glass was first patented in , by a nanotechnology firm in New York. It is a resource that is still finding new purposes every day. Switchable glass variations are achievable for many glass structures, and panels are becoming more durable and lightweight than ever.

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Sealed seamlessly over an electric film that switches between opaque and transparent. Such technology has been adapted to assure there is no longer any need for compromise between an outside view and thorough privacy and security. Adhesive opaque films are applied to the outside surface of a window by most manufacturers, in simple variations of the half-century-old design. The results are much less permanent this way.

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Such a film is nearly impossible to install seamlessly, and the laminate is left vulnerable to the elements instead of being protected by reinforced glass. Expensive maintenance and replacements must frequently happen with the older designs.

Most interior opaques are printed in shades of blue or grey during manufacture. However, on special bespoke orders if the quantity is large enough, customers can have their own design opaque or specified Pantone colour. Some choose to incorporate names, logos or messages in the throat of the envelope which is referred to as a lozenge.

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  • This opaque has proved very popular, so much so, some have tried to imitate it. We also offer a few select lines with a grey opaque.

    We have introduced the brand logos in the throat of our Premium and Creative Colour envelopes to raise brand awareness. My Cart.

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    Filter results by: Product Article. Understanding Envelope Window Positioning and Interior Opaques Large proportions of envelopes are manufactured with windows, and the specifications for them can be confusing. Biodegradable Manufactured from Cornstarch - Cornstarch window film is used throughout our Purely Environmental Evolve Recycled Range to ensure it is both recycled and recyclable. Bespoke Envelope Windows Bespoke envelopes can be produced with any shape window, including circular.

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    Laser Film Window envelopes from our Premium Business, Premium Office, Premium Pure and Premium Postfast ranges are produced with a 50 micron window film making them guaranteed to withstand the heat of both colour and mono laser printers and digital machines. Reverse Windows We also stock a collection of envelopes under our Purely Everyday range with windows on the reverse side of the envelope, these are especially designed to leave the face area of the envelope completely free for full face printing.