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Irish Theater in America: Essays on Irish Theatrical Diaspora

The newspaper reports that the company is dealing with an increasing number of construction workers who are looking for jobs as the industry slows down. He says that people are leaving for economic and lifestyle reasons. Australia is actively encouraging immigration to deal with a skills shortage.

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The recruitment efforts include efforts to attract a wide range of workers, including medical professionals, cooks, hairdressers, accountants and construction workers. The newspaper also reports that the number of students taking up the J-1 visa has also increased substantially. A report highlighting the status of Irish prisoners abroad has been written by Chris Flood for the Department of Foreign Affairs.

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However, the Irish government has obligations as a result of international law to ensure the consular rights of prisoners. The report makes a series of recommendations aimed at ensuring prisoner welfare abroad. These include:. The Minister pledged to examine the report to see how the Government might improve on current services. There has been substantial commentary on the issue of the Aer Lingus decision to end its London Heathrow route out of Shannon.

Irish Actress Niamh Cusack born in Dublin | Irish Theatre | Niamh cusack, Dublin, Irish

Fr Ryan told the newspaper that the end of the service will mean that the bodies of Irish people who die in Europe and the UK will no longer be repatriated through Shannon. Families in the West will now need to travel to Dublin or Cork to receive the bodies.

Read the full report in the Irish Times. One of the leading scholars of Irish immigration to the US is retiring. Charles Fanning, who founded the Irish and Irish immigration Studies programme at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, is leaving teaching after 14 years there, reports the Southern Illinoisan. Mr Dooley, a creation of Chicago-based Dunne, was a fictitious Irish born-bartender.

He says that he will continue to write, and is planning a work of fiction as his next effort. Read the report in the Daily Illinoisan. The Theatre Royal Stratford East production swiftly transferred to the West End and made the erstwhile metalwork teacher a man of the moment: "The most uninhibited display of brutality the London theatre has ever witnessed," declared Kenneth Tynan approvingly. The Abbey had turned the play down on the grounds that no such people existed.

Musing in an eloquent, lyrical way over a cup of coffee and the first of many cigarettes, Murphy, now an agile-looking 66, happily concedes that London played a crucial role in his career. He stayed on there until After his upbringing in Tuam, County Galway, the epitome of smalltown Ireland, he was in no hurry to go back.

It means docility and toeing the line, no matter how dirty that line is.

Playing out the Irish drama

I was free of that, and I had money in my pocket. His social life blossomed, too. Equally importantly, as far as his writing was concerned, he imbibed multifarious theatrical influences and acquired an outsider's perspective on his homeland.

His second play, Famine, a historical drama about the Great Hunger of the mids, would, he insists, "have been purely local and merely emotional" if he had stayed in Ireland. I noticed in retrospect that the Irish mentality had become quite twisted by the hardship of those famine years.

As the midth century was, the s was a time of mass emigration.

CFP: The Irish Theatrical Diaspora

The youngest of 10 children, Murphy was often left alone with his mother, while his carpenter father, brothers and sisters sought work in Birmingham. From the vantage point that London afforded, Murphy was able to weave his heartfelt experience of the "should one stay or should one go" dilemma into the epic fabric of Famine.

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The elusive search for a true home has cropped up repeatedly as a motif in his work since then, but shorn of any overt autobiography or sentimentality. A playwright who gazed with a critical eye on his own people might not have expected to find favour with the same theatre that had spurned A Whistle in the Dark as calumnious invention, but Famine marked the beginning of a rapprochement with Ireland's national theatre. Since , the Abbey has premiered 14 of Murphy's plays, championing the iconoclast that it once shied away from.

So why was it not possible for the anglophile Murphy to enjoy celebrity in Britain once he returned home to Ireland? In part because he disliked self-promotion, he believes, and refused to act a part.

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  • My generation wasn't into personalities. I was supposed to arrive at a party and cause trouble - and I wanted to get away from that kind of thing. He has also been fiendishly hard to categorise. In The Gigli Concert, Murphy makes explicit his quest to write dialogue that has the purity and intensity of music.

    The characters talk in sharp counterpoint or burst into long spoken digressive arias.