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Job Duties

RR was the need of that time and even today where a dedicated force comprising of men from Infantry and men from other roles as secondary support can battle terrorists and militants in Kashmir. Rashtriya Rifles is quite a flexible and versatile organisation which can be used for various ends and needs.

It is a self-contained organisation in other aspects even in Intelligence where their Intel grid spreads over the valley in terms of Human Intelligence and Signal Intelligence giving deep-rooted intel about the movements and tactics used by terrorists and militants across the border.

The widespread success of RR has been due to the knowledge of terrain. It has mustered up and the the operational experience which RR carries making it perhaps the deadliest counter-terrorism force in the valley and making it a force to reckon with. There is significant interoperability between RR and Army in Kashmir which leads to smooth functioning with RR units sometimes forming part of regular Infantry and vice versa.

Royal Regiment of Scotland | The British Army

In , Congress created the Legion of the United States , which was a combined arms force of infantry, cavalry, and artillery under the command of Major General Anthony Wayne. This gives the regiment campaign credit for the War of The 2nd Infantry was consolidated May—October with the 3rd and 7th Infantry both constituted 12 April , and 44th Infantry constituted 29 January to form the 1st Infantry Regiment. In the ensuing years the regiment was primarily concerned with Indian conflicts and the 1st was involved in the Black Hawk War of and the Second Seminole War from to During this time the regiment was commanded by many, now famous commanders including, Colonel Zachary Taylor , who would later become the 12th President of the United States and Second Lieutenant Jefferson Davis , who would become the President of the Confederate States in the American Civil War.

When War broke out with Mexico in , the 1st Infantry Regiment was sent across the border with General Zachary Taylor 's Army and participated in the storming of Monterrey where the regiment fought house to house in savage hand-to-hand combat. From Monterrey, the regiment was transferred to General Winfield Scott 's command and participated in the first modern amphibious landing in American history at Vera Cruz in Following the Mexican—American War , the regiment campaigned in the Texas area against the Comanches until the outbreak of the Civil War in After escaping from rebel forces in Texas the regiment returned to the Mid-west and fought in the Mississippi area of operations.

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The 1st Infantry then campaigned with General Grant against Vicksburg in The end of the war found the regiment occupying New Orleans, Louisiana. After the Civil War the regiment was sent West to fight the Indians once again.

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The 1st Infantry was consolidated in April with the 43d Infantry Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps constituted 21 September and consolidated unit designated as the 1st Infantry Regiment. One member of the regiment was awarded the Medal of Honor for service during this period: 1st Lt. Marion P. After the end of the Indian wars the regiment was occupied with quelling labor disputes in California.

Infantryman (11B)

The First was quickly sent to Florida where it embarked on ships and was sent to Cuba. While in Cuba the regiment took part in the storming of the San Juan Heights and the capture of Santiago.

What its like to be in the US Infantry - deployed

In , following occupation duty in Cuba, the regiment was preparing for shipment to China to participate in the Boxer Rebellion. Instead, the regiment was detoured to deal with the rebellion on the Philippine Islands which had also been captured by the United States in the Spanish—American War. The regiment would fight in this guerrilla war in the Philippines from — and again from — Subsequently, the regiment was redeployed to garrison duties in Oahu , Hawaii.

The regiment was again assigned 27 July , this time to the 2nd Division , which was headquartered at Fort Sam Houston , and assigned to the U. VIII Corps. The regiment was stationed at Camp Jackson , South Carolina , where it was relieved 16 October from assignment to the 2nd Division and assigned to the 6th Division. The 6th Division arrived at Fort Jackson on , and the 1st IR traveled with the division from that point forward.

They then moved to Fort Francis E. They then moved to Tennessee to participate in maneuvers there. This was followed by a training cycle at the Desert Training Center, while billeted at the Camp Young billeting area from The regiment departed from the San Francisco, California Port of Embarkation on , and arrived in Hawaii on They then moved to Korea on , which they Occupied through , with garrisons in Taegu and Pusan.

On 10 January , 1st IR was inactivated in Korea, and then was reactivated on 4 October at Fort Ord , California as a training regiment for units being sent to the fight in Korea. In , the 1st Battle Group, 1st Infantry was reorganized under a concept that provided sufficient tactics instructors in the permanent party for continuity, but called for outside augmentation for the summer training program.

On 16 May , the mission of providing tactical instruction for the Corps of Cadets along with the personnel involved, was transferred to a newly created Office of Military Instruction in the Department of Tactics. All enlisted personnel remained assigned to the battle group.

Job Duties

On 1 February , Service Company was eliminated and its personnel absorbed into Headquarters Company. With the exception of transferring tactical instruction to the Office of Military Instruction now DMI in , its mission was essentially unchanged. The 2nd Battalion was then assigned to Fort Benning , Georgia. The following year, the 3rd Battalion was activated at Schofield Barracks , Hawaii as part of the 11th Infantry Brigade. After the 11th Brigade arrived in Vietnam, both battalions became components of the Americal Division.