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But Eli, oh he was such a gem of a character, I could hear his Welsh lit in the words he spoke, his kindness, his snark - because this wouldn't be a Lily book without a snappy retort and lots of sarcasm - and the unfailing way he just got Gideon.

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He saw inside to the hurt boy and he nurtured the love that Gideon was desperate to share but didn't know how. And let me tell you, when Eli takes Gideon to bed the first time that scene is everything! This book explains so much about why and how Gideon became the closed off, surface selfish man he appears, but the truth is so very different. There're the usual awesome contributions from the rest of the Cornish cast and the way they rally round Gideon is really special to read, especially given how he behaved like an arse the last time he was at Chi an Mor.

Grumpy Gideon falling in love might just be my favourite thing I've read from Lily until she gives me that rare breeds farmer she keeps promising. View all 16 comments. Jun 19, Lorraine Lesar rated it it was amazing. Loved it. View all 77 comments. May 04, Dia rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in , m-m , much-expected , part-of-a-series , favorite-author , hot-hot-hot , m-m-favorite , arc , best , made-me-laugh. This might be my favorite from this author! I absolutely loved the writing and this book really delivered! It's the third book in the Finding Home series by Lily Morton. I loved the first book, Oz.

I haven't read the second book, Milo , but Gideon's story was amazing. Gideon is a 39 years old famous actor. He's wealthy and lives a very unconventional life, partying and having fun to the extreme. He is destroying his body and he's not really enjoying the partying. It's just what he knows.


In the eye This might be my favorite from this author! In the eye of his public he's straight. But he is really afraid of coming out because his agent has told him for years to keep his sexuality hidden. Here comes Eli Jones a very sweet Welsh nurse. He's everything Gideon isn't. Funny, optimistic and very kind. But he has morals and he would never get involved with one of his patients. This story made me laugh out loud many times. I absolutely adored the banter between Gideon and Eli. Did you have to help them look?

I'm messy. Deal with it. The ship would have probably sunk under the weight of all this. I bet it's going to be amazing too. It's been a pleasure to witness Gideon's coming out. I love age gaps in stories and I really enjoyed the secondary characters. The ending is so sweet! I highly recommend this one. It's low on angst, a slow burning and a super HOT story!

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This review is posted on DirtyBooksObsession View all 8 comments. This story was my favorite of the series so far. I was worried about liking Gideon. He was such an absolute douche in Milo's book that I feared I wouldn't be able to invest in him. I'm glad I was wrong. Gideon is a Hollywood actor who's been brainwashed by his agent since he was a teenager. Being gay is not compatible with being famous.

Gideon has been hiding himself for so long, that he's been acting out in other ways. What's a little coke and shared sex partners between friends? After a very clo This story was my favorite of the series so far. After a very close call in the hospital, Milo steps in and puts his foot down.

Between his brother and his agent, Gideon is well and truly "handled", and he has to recover with his own personal nurse, aboard a cruise ship home, because his lungs can't handle flying after his illness.

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Part one of the story - the cruise: this was the gem of the book! A solid 5 stars! Lily Morton delivers her trademark snark and banter, and I couldn't have smiled more.

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Eli doesn't let Gideon wallow in self-pity, and Gideon doesn't always appreciate Eli's Ray-of-Sunshine demeanor. The two snipe at each other constantly, always in a good natured way, and it was glorious. This type of banter, where you can literally see the foreplay happening, just totally does it for me. The UST was very well done.


Part two of the story - after: this is where I'm waffling. I've noticed this pattern with Morton. Anytime there's angst, she nails that too.

But once her characters get together They often turn super sugary sweet. And that kinda happened here too. It's not that I don't like this, in moderation. But if you cross a certain threshold, I just don't like too much of it. She kept the angst going, with the storyline about the agent, but with all of the crew metaphorically linking arms and singing Kumbaya , it crossed that line for me. I was bored from the sugar rush. Overall, I like this a lot.

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  6. Part one of this book was 5 stars and the very reason I read this author. I just hope, personally, we get the sweetness dialed back a bit in the future. Nice addition to the series.

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    4. I wasn't sure it was possible for Gideon to redeem himself. But he did. As other reviews have mentioned, the two parts to the story definitely had different feels. The first part on the cruise was full of witty banter a bit repetitive, if I'm being honest and some good UST. I enjoyed Gideon and Eli's banter back and forth. The second part after the cruise was full of rainbows and unicorns. I can appreciate that there was no manufactured drama. But things were a bit Nice addition to the series. But things were a bit over the top sweet.

      An overall solid, enjoyable read though.

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      Lily Morton is definitely an auto-buy author for me. View all 6 comments. I mean, really, Milo's book lost a star because of him! My review started out talking about him because I hated him so much and he took something from the book in my opinion. I didn't even want his stupid story.