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Growing in Your Faith

Place two long strips of masking tape parallel to each other on the floor, going from wall to wall if possible.

The 9 Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Space strips far enough apart so a student can walk on each tape line. Have kids pair up, and make sure each student has a Bible. Ask a pair to stand, one on each tape line.

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SAY: As you step on the tape lines, alternate reading the memory verses out loud to each other. SAY: These verses are really great ones to memorize because they tell us how to live by the Spirit! Give each kid a self-stick note. SAY: On your notes, write one of these fruits of the Spirit: love , joy , or peace. Stick it on your forehead.

Then get up and find the others who chose the same fruit. Allow kids with sensory sensitivities to hold the self-stick notes rather than putting them on their foreheads. After a short time, let groups share. Then have kids cross out what they wrote on their notes.

Fruit of the Spirit - She Reads Truth - She Reads Truth

SAY: Now write on your notes one of these fruits of the Spirit: forbearance , kindness , or goodness. Stick in on your forehead, and find the others who chose the same fruit. ASK: Why is it important to live by the Spirit? He will help you make the best decisions, and those decisions will always please God.

SAY: Rate yourself to see how well you think your fruit of the Spirit is doing. Tell kids to take some time to think about this and be honest.

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When everyone is done, have kids gather in a circle for a time of prayer. Ask them to spread out a little from one another. Have volunteers take turns praying, thanking God for the Holy Spirit who guides us, asking God to help them grow in the fruit of the Spirit, and, asking for help in staying close to Jesus. After the volunteers have prayed, ask everyone to take a step toward the middle of the circle.

Close by thanking God for the Holy Spirit who keeps us close to Jesus. Thank God that the Holy Spirit helps us grow and live by the Spirit every day. Did you enjoy this lesson? To learn more about this age level, check out the video below or visit HeartShaper. From toddlers to preteens, we take them on a journey like no other through the Bible. No matter where your students go or what they do, the lessons you teach them in Sunday school will be with them for a lifetime.

What Are the Fruit of the Spirit?

Come along on the journey—shape hearts and change lives. Learn more at heartshaper.

Use this grab-and-go lesson to teach kids about the Fruit of the Spirit found in Galatians 5. HeartShaper Curriculum. Scripture Galatians Galatians Live by the Spirit. Bibles paper, crayons, blindfolds reusable adhesive, masking tape self-stick notes, pencils.

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Share Tweet Pin. Shop Curriculum. What is Ministry Spark? The Bible teaches us that God is in three Persons. God is One, but He is manifested in three Persons. I accept it by faith. The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit is a Person.

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The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit is eternal. The Bible tells us that He is holy. He is referred to in the New Testament alone some times as the Holy Spirit—absolute holiness, absolute purity, absolute righteousness. The Bible tells us of the work of the Holy Spirit. What does He do?

You must renounce your sins. It is the Holy Spirit who convicts you of your sin. He makes you feel uncomfortable.

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He pricks your conscience. He makes you admit that you are a sinner, and then He gives you the strength and the power to turn from your sins. Men have come into our meetings and have gotten up and shaken their fists in my face and walked out. But they came back, because it was the Holy Spirit making them uncomfortable. You cannot come to Christ unless the Holy Spirit convicts you. The Bible teaches that the moment you receive Jesus Christ as Savior, the Spirit of God comes in and gives you new life.

The Bible also teaches us that the Spirit of God produces the fruit of the Spirit. This cluster of fruit should characterize the life of every Christ-born child of God. But what do we find? In the average so-called Christian today we find the opposite. The moment you receive Christ as your Savior, that self is put down. Christ is put on the throne in your life, and the Spirit of God dominates your life. However, self is still there—sometimes hidden, sometimes quiet—waiting for the opportunity and the chance to attack the citadel of your soul and take control again.

You have the will as a Christian to yield either to the flesh and live a fleshly, carnal life; or to yield to the Spirit and live a Spirit-filled life.