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Freddy the Frogcaster and the Flash Flood - Janice Dean - Bok () | Bokus

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Freddy the Frogcaster

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Freddy the Frogcaster and the Huge Hurricane

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If you want to download this book, click link in the last page 5. The story of "Freddy the Frogcaster and The Big Blizzard" is fun, smart, and engaging — but for me, the real meat of the book is the last several pages, where Dean — who has earned the title of "Weather Machine" for her weather show on Fox News Network — shares bite-sized bits of information about various weather definitions like air mass, water vapor and freezing rain along with lots of useful and fascinating information about how all of the pieces of the weather puzzle come together to create a blizzard or thunderstorm or frosty morning.

But will your kids want to read it?

If my two are any indication, the answer is a whole-hearted yes. I read it with my 8-year-old, who is studying the weather in school, and she was thrilled to learn about snowflakes and the scientist Wilson Bentley who proved that no two are alike. My year-old read it to herself and got a kick out of making sure we have everything listed on the "Winter Storm Checklist" so that we can be prepared for any upcoming weather. You can check out Dean explaining the impetus for writing the "Freddy the Frogcaster" series in this video:.