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A fine layer of ice covered the windows. Several hundred refugees climbed aboard other cars. Volunteers were on hand with food, warm clothing and blankets. There were bathrooms and another UNICEF child-friendly space, where several families spent the night as they gathered strength for the next leg of their journey. By Ansar Rasheed , Halima Abdullah.

'From one grave to another': Afghan Hazara fleeing Taliban find little solace in escape

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Home All blogs. The youngest is 13 and the oldest is Tags: Afghanistan , Children and Armed Conflict , conflict , migrants , refugees. Share this story:. More stories: See all in Children in emergencies. Children in emergencies. A young man with a rifle. The grieving mother of a child soldier.

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Learn the story behind the story. Hear experts discuss how they develop in practice. Mulvihill said. The driver, Mr. Mangal, did not escape with the other two men. The initial report was that Mr.

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Rohde was in good health, while Mr. Ludin injured his foot in the escape. We are enormously grateful for their support. Since the men were abducted, there had been sporadic communication from them and from the kidnappers. Mulvihill expressed relief at the end of the ordeal and gratitude to the many people — official and unofficial — who offered information, advice and support.

Both Mr. Keller and Mr. Keller said. Rohde, 41 , had traveled to Afghanistan in early November to work on a book about the history of American involvement there when he was invited to interview a Taliban commander in Logar Province outside Kabul.

'The bed that saved me from the Taliban'

He also indicated that he believed that the interview was important and that he would be all right. Rohde said. As security has deteriorated in Afghanistan, kidnappers have increasingly singled out affluent Afghans as well as foreign contractors, aid workers, church members and journalists. Last fall, Melissa Fung, a reporter for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation , was held captive in a dank underground hole for nearly a month until Afghan authorities pressured her kidnappers to release her. View all New York Times newsletters. Rohde joined The Times 12 years ago after winning a Pulitzer Prize in international reporting in for documenting the massacre of Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica.

He is known by colleagues as an intrepid yet unassuming reporter who conducts himself modestly around the office, predictably attired in neatly ironed Oxford shirts and, often, his weathered Boston Red Sox cap. Affable and soft-spoken, he is not one to regale colleagues with war stories, instead saving his storytelling for articles.

Ludin, 35, the Afghan reporter who was assisting Mr.

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Rohde as an interpreter, has worked with The Times of London and other news organizations. A Pashtun originally from Zabul Province, he fled with his family to Quetta, Pakistan, after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in He attended high school there, learning English, before returning to his country and settling in Kabul, where he is now the father of seven children under the age of 8 and the sole breadwinner for an extended family of Mangal, 24, who had regularly driven Mr.

  • Escape from Taliban () - IMDb.
  • 'From One Grave To Another': Afghan Hazara Fleeing Taliban Find Little Solace In Escape.
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Ludin, ran a car service with his brother. Rohde, who grew up in a tight-knit New England family, majored in history at Brown University.

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His tenacious reporting played a crucial role in exposing the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Bosnia. Rohde had been the first Western journalist to travel into Bosnian Serb territory to search for evidence of mass graves.

What he found seemed to confirm the suspicions: blood and human feces in a soccer stadium where Muslim prisoners had most likely been shot; bulldozer tracks leading to three rectangles of freshly turned dirt; empty ammunition boxes; and a decomposing human leg. But Mr.