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Madness in Print

They all feel like tangible things that can be experienced. It's like reading Lovecraft tales without the sterile, clinical Lovecraft writing style. And each story left me yearning for more as the character of Enoch Coffin seems able and destined for grand things. I'd love to experience a full length novel. I think that I want this right now. This is my first read for either author and definitely not my last.

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The Mouths of Madness my link text Feb 27, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle-e-books. What I initially enjoyed about Encounters was the writing style. If you like dark fiction as well as Poe and Lovecraft you can't go wrong here. This is my first Pugmire book and while I have never read anything by Jeffery Thomas I'm planning in rectifying that as soon as I can.

Aaaiiieee!!! By Jeffrey Thomas

They have a gift of putting their arm around your shoulder and making you feel as if you're right there with the characters which a lot of writers fail to do. Encounters with Enoch Coffin is a short story collection with What I initially enjoyed about Encounters was the writing style. Encounters with Enoch Coffin is a short story collection with a unified theme. Each story revolves around Coffin an eccentric painter. These are creepy, dark, atmospheric stories that bring a new life to not only horror, but also Lovecraftian fiction.

These aren't your ordinary run of the mill horror stories. These are a bit darker and remind us why Lovecraft and Poe are legends of dark fiction. I received Encounters With Enoch Coffin in exchange for an honest review and I am now a fan of both of these talented authors. A Modern Artist in Lovecraft's Realms Actually, after the opening stories, it is Enoch Coffiin who does most of the encountering, as he visits places such as Dunwich and Kingsport and Innsmouth and deals with shuggoths and ghouls and wizards. The artist is decadent in his tastes and values, more interested in his pursuit of dark beauty than the concerns of his fellow humans.

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He is also a likable enough to keep a reader's interest through his adventures in Lovecraft country. The stories are well-w A Modern Artist in Lovecraft's Realms Actually, after the opening stories, it is Enoch Coffiin who does most of the encountering, as he visits places such as Dunwich and Kingsport and Innsmouth and deals with shuggoths and ghouls and wizards. The stories are well-written and usually unpredictable in their development. Good reading for autumn. I'll admit, I didn't like this collection in its first few pages, but that quickly changed as I kept reading!

Enoch Coffin's desire to capture horrors as art lead him time and again into perils, and while he's the protagonist, he doesn't always come out unscathed. The stories in this book provide a fresh look at the plots of some of HP Lovecraft's most familiar tales, and it's a twisted thrilling ride. Sep 05, Squire rated it really liked it. A terrific collection of short stories by Pugmire and Thomas. Atmospheric and warped, like lovecraftian literature should be.

Pugmire is an astonishly good writer and his stories are the standouts here though Thomas is no slouch.

For all this, however, Enoch Coffin remains an elusive character. The stories don't let the reader get to know Coffin as well I felt they should have. Still, it's entertaining. Aug 14, John Willson rated it really liked it.

Encounters With Enoch Coffin

The stories get progressively better. Most of the episodes re-visit one of H. Lovecraft's tales in a new and original way. I enjoyed how the authors smoothly incorporated Lovecraft's titles into the text -- little winks to the true fans. This Enoch Coffin would be an interesting fellow to meet -- on a bright sunny day, and nowhere near a cemetery! Oct 18, Nancy Oakes marked it as to-read Shelves: horror. Feb 07, Tim rated it it was amazing. Some years later, I found out it was based on a story by H.

Lovecraft , the guru of horror who has influenced virtually every such writer since, from William Peter Blatty to Dean Koontz to Stephen King to…well, you get the drift. Lovecraft wrote mostly about New England, specifically Massachusetts, and at times more specifically Dunwich. I have since read a collection of his stories, all of which are bizarre and at times shocking, but I must admit, many of the endings were abrupt, but easily predictable and characterized by lots of exclamation marks. From a contemporary standpoint, this appears over the top, but one must keep in mind that this was the early phase of such literature.

I had previously read two stories from this collection and liked them well enough to request the book. Pugmire and Thomas have crafted a series of Lovecraftian short stories, with Enoch Coffin an apropos surname as the central character in all of them. Enoch is an artist who takes much of his material from weird and at times horrifying dreams, and the stories describe both his artistic process and interactions with him from a variety of individuals, many of whom match his weirdness and horror.

Enoch lives in Massachusetts, which contains, among other cities, Salem hmmm and Dunwich see above. His dreams, and indeed his encounters, are marked by strange sigils or symbols, the meanings of which generally elude him, but which provides a thematic thread among the stories. All that said, I must say that Enoch as a character is fascinating and talented and is not afraid to embrace the Dark Side Darth Vader would be proud.

Those with whom he comes in contact are equally strange and seem to have a deep emotional connection to Enoch. Thus, Will infers that the painting led to her suicide.

Subsequently, Will wishes Enoch to paint his portrait next, and in the interchange there are hints of not only an affair between Enoch and Shoshona, but also a sexualized relationship between Enoch and Will. Despite all that, I really enjoyed reading the story. The descriptions of the ruined countryside, ugliness not so deep underneath the topsoil, the continuing influence of Whately, and the overall nastiness of Dunwich this is quite similar to Mr. Jiao says that Shin had died some time ago. Fun story. I like to fuck warlocks, you know, and have hot wax spilled on me and all that cool stuff.

Microphones of Madness- Encounters With Enoch Coffin

Razor blades and bite marks. The servants of the otherworldly Elder Things, servants that Enoch had read had ultimately turned against their masters and annihilated them. His father, Donovan, was an artist of the macabre, though more in the genre of stained glass. His mother Lebanah had disappeared some years ago, when Enoch was young, under mysterious circumstances, and indeed his father was incarcerated in the local State Hospital until he escaped, also under mysterious circumstances.

Lovecraft, naturally whose work was also characterized by the macabre and otherworldliness. The rest of the story is pure entertainment. I must say that I very much enjoyed this work. The only thing that detracted from it was that it had only one illustration, the cover, by Santiago Caruso, in my Kindle edition, but I have seen a couple of the illustrations that accompany the stories, by Clint Leduc, and would have been grateful to see them.

Bravo, Messrs. Pugmire and Thomas! Fine tribute to Mr. I look forward to future visits with Mr. May 28, Curtis rated it it was amazing. Through our encounters with Enoch Coffin we journey through the weird locales of Lovecraftian fiction and through strange places within real world New England.

Coffin is a brilliant, engaging character and the authors do a wonderful job of bringing him to life.

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Beyond story and character, this book demonstrates gorgeous prose, and investigates profound imagery and ideas. A must read for any serious weird fiction connoisseur.


Sep 16, Carrie Laben rated it liked it. High-end Lovecraft pastiche with occasional forays into an extended cosmology. The differences in diction between the two authors are sometimes noticeable enough to be jarring, and Coffin himself is rather a wish-fulfillment character, but definitely a worthwhile read for the devotee. Nov 12, Julian White rated it it was ok. The two authors alternate stories.

I'm not convinced by Lovecraft though these stories seem to reflect what I know of his work and seem more readable! Mar 14, Elodie rated it really liked it. Come and meet Enoch Coffin, an intriguing artist, proud inhabitant of New England who will drive you into an enigmatic Lovecraftian world.

Having received only one story sample from the publisher, I can only tell you my thoughts about this one.