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At this moment, we have 8 premium products, each of which have their own freebies. The freebies appear everywhere on different communities, blog posts, newsletters, and social websites — and they are driving all of our traffic. The basic idea is that those freebies are always appearing on top 10 lists in these big communities. You can imagine how much that would cost if you wanted to do a regular targeted marketing campaign.

What is this Big Bundle, and how did we create it? We noticed that some of our users were downloading all our free products. When I say all, I literally mean all of them in about 2—3 minutes after they have created an account. We also noticed that some of our clients were purchasing all the products that were premium.

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This big package was getting around 6—8 purchases per month. The remainder of our monthly revenue comes from Facebook, Twitter, and our newsletter. If your product is crap, there is no marketing strategy — and no source of investment — that can keep it alive for long. At the moment, our products are used by over , web developers around the world.

What No One Admits About Selling A Business

Every step in our development seemed like the natural thing to do at the time. Here are some of my favorite books, which I recommend to everybody:. That guided us through the whole journey. Our secret weapon is that we deliver great products combined with a great user experience and great customer support.

We are living in a world where anybody can become anything they want as long as they want to invest the amount of time that is needed. At this point, there are no limits. You can go anywhere on the planet and you can talk with whomever you want just by contacting them through social media. Today an ordinary person can achieve more influence than the president of a small country. Think of those Instagram accounts with millions of followers. If I — a regular guy from Romania — can build a profitable business in 2.

Again, Weebly is very affordable when compared to committing to hundreds or thousands of dollars to hire a website designer. Similar to Wix or Squarespace, Weebly enables you to build a good looking website all by yourself, quickly and easily. The key message I hope you understand, is that there is a right time for this, and a wrong time for this.

Why You Should NOT Hire A Website Designer in

In retrospect, when we first started, we were so unsure of whether our business will succeed or not, that we actively looked for things that can give us an easier win — something that we can fully control. Building what we thought was the best-looking website was a much easier win and something fully within our control, than asking people to pay us for our products.

I used to hate doing squats at the gym. Same thing with designing a website. Once you become net cash flow positive, this opens up more options and flexibility for you and your business.

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You can then consider what can grow your business even more. I know. What about things like designing logos, editing images, finding the right images, how to pick fonts, etc? These guides will break things down into actionable steps with recommended, easy-to-use tools , so anyone can get decent results:. There are many temptations to focus on things that you can control, such as how your website looks.

But does that actually help prove out or validate your business concept? Does it demonstrate to you that you can earn profits by selling products or services to complete random strangers? There is absolutely no way around this. If what you offer does not solve a real, painful problem, then it will be extremely challenging for you to build a vibrant business — regardless if you have an award winning website design or not.

Your website is just a tool for your business. Once you start earning profits, a whole new world of possibilities and flexibility open up to you.

How my friends and I grew our side project into a $17,000/month business

Question — Did this guide benefit you? Leave a comment below. Do you know anyone who can benefit from this guide? Send them this page or click on the share buttons on the left. Website Builder Expert aims to provide you with honest data. The purpose of this study was to identify what the preventative barriers are to getting online. We surveyed a total of 1, individuals — the majority of which resided within the US, while additional results were captured from a global audience.

Please note: the insight contained within this article is for general information purposes only. For further information regarding the study, please contact Website Builder Expert directly via email at info websitebuilderexpert. Maybe just like you, at first we didn't have a darn clue about how to build a website, nevermind write half a line of code if our life depended on it!

Now, the sad thing is, that was us! It still pains me to tell you our story… So, why did we fail?

Go ahead and laugh at us… we sure deserve it! Best All-Around Website Builder.

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Ease Of Use. Help and Support. Design Flexibility. Value For Money. Try For Free. Read Full Review. Design-Oriented Website Builder. Easiest To Use Website Builder. Choose a website builder and make money online today What type of site do you want to build? Shopify : Best eCommerce Website Builder 2. Try Wix For Free. Try Squarespace Free For 14 Days. Try Weebly For Free. Here are some helpful resources to help you pick the right web builder and design template: Top 10 website builders How to choose the best website builder 3 simple criteria to picking the perfect website design template 4 Question Quiz to help you pick the best web builder for you.

See why. Or not sure which color combinations will work?

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See this guide. Follow our formula to create your home page.

To build a viable business, you need to focus on the right things. Sadly no. If anything, I want you to take away this key message: Your website is just a tool for your business. Insert your email. About Jeremy Maybe just like you, at first we didn't have a darn clue about how to build a website, nevermind write half a line of code if our life depended on it! Rob 2 months ago.

A trend , meanwhile, is something that fulfills an existing need in a new way, which is why their demand holds for much longer than a fad. Knox Labs were early to market with their cardboard VR headsets. Whether you already sell products online or not, there is a wealth of insight you can glean from customer reviews. If you already have an established online store with a bit of traction, you can see what customers are saying about your existing products. Pay special attention to shortcomings and complaints being shared. What add-ons or additional products do customers consistently bring up?

Searching for keyword opportunities means strategically looking for a product based on the search queries people are using, the number of searches per month, and overall competition for those searches. This approach can be fairly technical and requires an intermediate understanding of keyword research, as well as search engine optimization.

When Andrew Youderian first got into ecommerce, he knew from the beginning that the viability of the business was more important to him than being passionate about the product he sold. So he opted for a technical approach in picking a niche he felt would have the highest chance of success, basing his selection on careful keyword research. Andrew found an opportunity to rank for searches in the fishing equipment industry as well as for CB Radios.

Online marketplaces also have their own search functions, which means lots of keyword data as well. However, securing some level of interest and investment from potential customers before you ship is undeniably valuable. Even great products can flop when they launch to no one. Of course, there are a variety of factors that will determine the success of your campaign.

The Ultimate Pricing Strategy To Charge What Your Time Is Worth

But any level of initial traction says something. You may, at the very least, want to consider investing further in your idea. Here are a few links to get you started:.